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Project New Village: A Fresh Approach To Building Healthy Communities

Food justice and social reform start in our own backyards.

Project New Village is transforming the political and economic environment using neighborhood-based agricultural cooperatives as strategies of resistance to food insecurity and removing barriers that impede universal access to good food through community/civic engagement and building alternative food ecosystems.


Project New Village envisions Southeastern San Diego as a community of active neighborhoods supporting and contributing to the health, wealth and well-being of community members.


Project New Village serves as a catalyst for local residents, business, academia and government to work together to build stronger neighborhoods, improve the quality of life and to stimulate collective investment in better health.  Project New Village strengthens communities through the development of beautiful, beneficial and bountiful neighborhood food options.


Improving fresh food access in Southeastern San Diego is part of a broad-based movement to build social equity, giving way to healthy neighborhoods.

PNV Presents It's 8th Annual

Fannie Lou Hamer Legacy Celebration

Thursday, October 4th, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Educational Cultural Complex
(4343 Ocean View Blvd., San Diego CA)

This year’s event marks the 101st Birthday for Mrs. Hamer and we plan to do it right. We will honor the life, legacy and lessons of Fannie Lou Hamer, civil and human rights leader and food justice pioneer while enjoying the locally sourced cuisine and culture.


PNV Timeline


Project New Village Created

It was established as a hub for collaborative efforts to increase social wellness.


A New Cause

PNV began its journey to explore and develop strategies to address inequities in the local food system.


Date Incorporated

PNV becomes a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization to strengthen it's ability to champion our identified charitable cause.


Where We Are Now

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N. Diane Moss
Managing Director
Phone: (619) 262-2022  


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